Advanced Tips to Help you Find the Perfect Alamy Stock Photos

alamy logoThe image search is an important aspect of finding the perfect photos for your creative project. Thus, stock photo agencies are doing their best to develop their search options. Keyword searches and search buttons are the most common search tools. They allow you to find what you are looking for. On the other hand, Alamy offers more advanced ways to help you find the perfect Alamy stock photos. It will take your search to the next level.

  • Search by photographer name. Alamy offers you a new way to find the perfect stock images for your creative projects. Aside from searching for keywords, the stock photo website also allows you to search per photographer’s name. This is a great tool if you have bought a similar image before that you like or you know a photographer whose works you love.

There are two to see the images created by a certain photographer: advanced search tool and photographer’s name. The advanced image search tool is found at the of the search results page. To search by name, click on the photographer’s name on an image page. Both will direct you to see the full stock photo collection of a specific stock photographer.


  • Use the “More” button. The “More” button allows you to see all aspects of the photoshoot. What does this mean? By clicking this button, you will be able to find similar images with the same styling, production or even models. It allows you to see other Alamy stock photos on a different angle or setting. You can find the “More” button on the image page and the search results page.
  • Explore image categories. Like other stock photo agencies, Alamy also allows you to search for the perfect stock photos using categories. This is particularly helpful if you do not know where to start in finding the perfect image for your project. You can make use of the image categories to find inspiration. You will find over 50 image categories, including travel, lifestyle and news. Each category is handpicked by the stock site’s expert researchers.

These advanced tips can help you find what you are looking for. You will be able to complete your digital marketing more easily and quickly. In addition to the traditional ways of image search, they are pretty helpful. You can also get in touch with stock photo website’s team to help you find the right image. With an easy to navigate website, you will surely find the image search fun and interesting with Alamy.

Are you looking for more effective ways of finding the perfect Alamy stock photos for your creative projects? You are on the right page. Get the stock photos you need easy and fast with these advanced tips.